The Flowers

The Flowers of Copper Canyon

Due to its very diverse climates, Copper Canyon is home to an unusually wide array of fauna and flora. The rims of the canyons are around 8000 feet and are characterized by a low-alpine climate. In less than two hours (a 30 mile drive), one can descend to the floor of the canyon, elevation near 1800 feet, to a hot, humid, and tropical climate. For this reason, many different types of plants and trees thrive in the region. Just how biodiverse is the region? For example, over 230 species birds have been confirmed to live in between the floor and the rim of the canyon. At the rim, pine trees are commonplace. On the canyon floor, large cactus are abundant.

This very unique ecosystem has created a large variety of unusual flowers. See below for some pictures of flowers that were documented by Linda Ford’s research efforts.


image004Mexican Bird of Paradise

Caesalpinia pulcherrina


Aquilegia skinneri

image024Bat-Faced Monkey Flower

Cuphea llavea

image026Slender Dayflower

Commelina erecta


Dichromanthus cinnabarinus


Tecoma stans

image032Yellow Evening Primrose

Oenothera Flava

image034Mexican Catchfly

Silene Laciniata

image036Maycoba Sage

Salvia betuifolia


Centaurea rothrockii

image003Mexican Coneflower

Ratibida Mexicana

image042Mexican Shellflower

Trigridia pavonia

image044Wild Pointsettia

Euphorbia colorata

image046Mexican Evening Primrose

Oenothera rosea

And Many More

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