Along the way, Linda has been assisted by numerous people and organizations. Below are some links to those that have been a part of the project.

Hotel Paraiso Del Oso – Located in the heart of the Copper Canyon Region, the Hotel Paraiso Del Oso, and its generous proprietor Doug “Diego” Rhodes, provided great support to Linda during her time(s) in Chihuahua. Diego was a major inspiration for this book. A trip to Copper Canyon should include a stay at the famous Oso! Diego’s website also contains a wealth of information about the Copper Canyon area.

Rota-Scholars of the Copper Canyon – Supported by the various Rotary Clubs of central Chihuahua, the Rota-Scholars program was initiated in 2006 to distribute scholarships for students of the remote Copper Canyon area. The program has partnered with Rotary Clubs in the United States and strives to accomplish its challenging goal of helping those most in need with educational opportunities. This program was closed as of December 20, 2016

Chepe – Railroad Line – Check out the website of the passenger rail line that goes through the Copper Canyon region for fares, schedules and general information.

New York Botanical Garden  – The William and Lynda Steere Herbarium at the New York Botanical Garden has Linda’s flower specimens permanently stored as part of their Mexican collection.  As these specimens have been entered into their database, you can access detailed information via the C. V. Starr Virtual Herbarium.

The Donning Company/Publishers This publishing company took on the project of producing The Field Guide of Mexico’s Copper Canyon Region with Linda as the Author, the Rota-Scholars Program as the Beneficiary, and numerous Sponsors that underwrote the cost of the publication.  All their projects are designed as fund-raisers for non-profit organizations.

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